News - This Year

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23/01/2019 Ecumenical service - During the week for Chirstian Unity, the church of Fréjus and St Raphaël join together to worship and this year it was our turn to host the service. There were representatives present from the Roman Catholic churches, the Protestant church and the Russian Orthodox church, together with the Ecumenical officer from the Diocese of Fréjus/Toulon. The service was led by our Anglican Archdeacon of France, the Venerable Meurig Williams, and several lay people took part from all the churches. St John's choir led the hymn singing and sang the Lord's Prayer - Notre Père by Duruflé. Our representative at the monthly ecumenical group meetings, Marion Siggemann, greeted the visitors and also took part in the service. Most people stayed to chat afterwards over refreshments.
20/01/2019 News From the Philippines December 2018 - PSHF (Philippines Self Help Fund) is a mission that St John's help to support through regular donations. Richard Foster heads this mission and provides us with newsletters of projects which our donations have helped towards, thanks to the contributions that you have all made to our weekly collections or the planned giving scheme