Welcome to the web site of St. John's in St. RaphaŽl. St. John's is a dynamic, exciting and expanding Christian community that welcomes everyone of every nationality and religious/spiritual background to all its services, activities and community events.

You will discover on this web site some details about our services and activities at St. John's church in St. RaphaŽl where Sunday by Sunday there is open, lively, spiritual Christian worship for everyone of all ages. The English library is open in the Church every Tuesday and there are frequent Sunday lunches and social events.


The Anglican community in the Var is here for you, whether you are a visitor, a part time resident, a newcomer, or long term resident.

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Church of St. John the Evangelist, Avenue Paul Doumer, 83700 Saint RaphaŽl.  Phone: 07 80 33 11 15 or 07 83 77 63 63

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