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20/01/2019 News From the Philippines December 2018 - PSHF (Philippines Self Help Fund) is a mission that St Jonh's help to support through regular donations. Richard Foster heads this mission and provides us with newsletters of projects which our donations have helped towards, thanks to the contributions that you have all made to our weekly collections or the planned giving scheme
30/09/2010 2000 - 2010, based on contemporary accounts -
30/08/2010 The 1990s - summarised from the church council records -
30/07/2010 The 1980s - summarised from the church council records -
30/06/2010 The 1970's - summarised from the church council record -
30/05/2010 The postwar years 1948-1972 based on entries in the church logbook - Few records exist for this period. If there are any readers of this web site who attended St. Johnís in this period, the webmaster would be pleased to receive their recollections of events.
30/04/2010 The 1930s based on entries in the church logbook for the period. -
30/03/2010 A paper compiled in 1930 by Commander Frederick, R.N - Covers the period 1882-1930
30/01/2010 WE ARE THE DEAD - final, corrected version, by Lindsay Benoist.
21/01/2010 Alphonse Karr Cemetery by Lindsay Benoist. -
30/09/2004 A summary history, assembled in 2004 - covering the period 1882-1991, based on various documents held in the church archives