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Keanjay Enanoria

This is a proposal for 5 year old Keanjay L. Enanoria to receive a scholarship for another academic year with the PSHF-run Lighthouse Learning Center in Brgy. Bulacao, Cebu city.Keanjay was one of our pre-school scholars last year, together with his brother Johnley, who has now moved on to Grade 1 in Primary school. Keanjay’s father, Junjay is a tricycle driver earning 350 pesos (€6) for a day’s work, after paying the daily 150 pesos rental fee. Every day he sets off for work at 6 am in the morning and returns home at 7 pm in the evening. Before the pandemic he was allowed to carry 7 passengers but now it is only 3 passengers, because the local government is implementing social distancing on public transport; his income has suffered as a result.Junjay and his wife Floramie have four children. In order to help her husband, Floramie does laundry jobs for a neighbour once a week. Every Saturday she goes to her neighbour’s house to do the laundry. She starts doing their laundry at 9 am and ends at 3-4 pm, depending on the amount of laundry she does. She does all the washing by hand. After drying and folding the clothes, she happily receives her fee of 400 pesos (€7). Floramae is the one who accompanies Keanjay to school every Tuesday and Thursday. With group classes not allowed at present, he has a one-on-one tutorial with Teacher Mae for one hour on these two days. Teacher Mae describes Keanjay as a timid boy but very eager to learn. He participates well in her lessons; He knows how to hold his pencil, can identify letters and sounds and he can even understand simple English, which was a struggle for him before. The parents are really thankful for Keanjay’s scholarship being extended for his final year of pre-school and we glad to have him as a pupil in our school. Mary Blanche Tano PSHF LLC Cebu October 2021.

Floramie and Junjay with their children Zia, Keanjay, Jhonrey and Lucas